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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Color combinations

When planning a quilt, you should have 2 basic colors in mind.  From this everything else will develop.

Here are a few samples that might help you in choosing color combinations for your quilt!

First of all, it is important to choose light and dark colors that complement each other.

Next -- choose color combinations that you love -- such as --
  • brown and blue
  • purple and green
  • blue and beige
  • turquoise and purple
  • brown and turquoise 
  • purple and yellow

This new quilt that we just completed combines green and peach. This is a couch quilt (44 x 58 inches) in the scrappy design, with a cozy flannel backing.  The quilt was prepared as a gift for my niece who recently bought a new home.  She has a maroon couch in the family room and I hope this will match!

Another color combination could be maroon and beige as seen in this coexistence couch quilt.

Or blue and gold in this pinwheel baby quilt.

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