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Monday, October 25, 2010

Changing Pads

I was recently in Bad Ratz on Rivka St. in the Talpiyot Industrial Zone, and a woman criticized me for buying the already-quilted ski jacket material. She said I was taking the easy way out! She must have been assuming that I was using this as pre-quilted material for my blankets. Not so!! I'm using it for diaper pads!!

We wanted to share with you how wonderful a backing this makes for changing pads or decorative pads for lying an infant on the floor or on your couch. The ski jacket material is water-proof, already quilted, and comes in a full array of colors (including orange, gray, greens, and blues).

Pictured here are 3 recently completed diaper pads. They make wonderful gifts and are all 20" X 28".

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