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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Springtime in Jerusalem

We have found ourselves in an unseasonably warm period. Not only the Tu B'shvat almond trees are in bloom, but the plum tree in our backyard is filled with blossoms. For some reason, as result of having the windows flung open and a gentle breeze blowing, I have found myself finishing a lot of projects that I began during the cold and rainy winter.

Here are two recently completed projects.

The quilt on the left is a quilt in purples and turquoise for my niece's daughter in Forest Hills. This is a take-off on the traditional 9-patch quilt. Instead, I have created 16-patch squares, all placed on an angle. Click on the image to enlargen and see more detail. The quilt is 50 X 66 inches.

The baby quilt on the right is a scrappy quilt made "on order" for my niece in Manhattan who wanted this as a gift for her friend's new baby. Click on the image to see it larger and then you can read the baby's name embroidered on the bottom. The quilt is 42 X 56 inches.


  1. Lovely quilts. Keep up the beautiful work. Will you both be going to the quilt show during Pesach at Pissott?

  2. There is a strong possibility that we'll come to the Pissot Pesach quilt show. We enjoy sharing with others and gathering new ideas! What about you?