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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bags, Bags, Bags

It is so much fun to create quilted tote bags, diaper bags and pocketbooks!

Pictured here are samples of the pocketbooks, and one of the tote bags!


  1. I love your bags. congratulations. hugs

  2. Wow, another quilting blogger (or pair of bloggers, I should say) in Jerusalem. This makes three, I think!
    I am a quilter in Neve Yaakov, and look forward to seeing more of what you ladies are working on. I like what I have seen so far!

  3. Susan - we'd love to meet you and see the type of work that you're doing!

  4. I have several bags made by Amy and one made by Hana. They are unique, special, personal, and made beautifully -- lined, pockets, heavy fabrics, gorgeous colors. I use my sports bag every time I go to the gym (it's the best part about exercising).

  5. Ellen, it's a pleasure making bags for you because you are so appreciative! I'll have to develop a new line so that I can make one for you!